Rule Chapter: 64-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64-3.010 Definitions (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.015 Special Needs Shelter Guidelines 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.020 Eligibility Criteria for Special Needs Shelters (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.030 Guidelines for Special Needs Shelter Staffing Levels (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.040 Definition of Special Needs Shelter Supplies and Equipment (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.050 Special Needs Shelter Registration (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.060 Addressing the Needs of Families (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.070 Pre-event Planning Activities (Repealed) 3/16/2017
Rule file 64-3.080 Service Reimbursement (Repealed) 3/16/2017