Rule Chapter: 64-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64-4.001 Definitions 9/19/2018
Rule file 64-4.002 Application for Registration of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers 6/17/2015
Rule file 64-4.004 Revocation of Dispensing Organization Approval 6/17/2015
Rule file 64-4.005 Inspection and Authorization Procedures 6/17/2015
Rule file 64-4.009 Compassionate Use Registry 6/17/2015
Rule file 64-4.011 Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identification Cards 7/31/2018
Rule file 64-4.013 Pesticide Use on Medical Marijuana 12/20/2021
Rule file 64-4.023 Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Variance Procedure 1/10/2019
Rule file 64-4.202 MMTC Inspection Procedures 6/10/2020
Rule file 64-4.207 MMTC Marijuana Waste Management and Disposal 12/20/2021
Rule file 64-4.208 MMTC Background Screening 6/10/2020
Rule file 64-4.210 MMTC Fines, Suspension, and Revocation 6/10/2020
Rule file 64-4.212 MMTC Regulatory Compliance Testing 12/20/2021
Rule file 64-4.213 MMTC Remediation 12/20/2021