Rule Chapter: 64B8-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64B8-4.001 International Medical Graduates: Foreign Medical Degree; Definitions of (Repealed) 10/14/2015
Rule file 64B8-4.003 Preprofessional, Postsecondary Education 11/4/1993
Rule file 64B8-4.004 Approved Residency or Fellowship; Definitions 3/18/2013
Rule file 64B8-4.008 Authorization for Release of Information 10/29/2019
Rule file 64B8-4.009 Applications 1/23/2023
Rule file 64B8-4.010 Diplomas (Repealed) 7/7/2014
Rule file 64B8-4.012 Exemptions for Spouses of Members of the Armed Forces 5/29/1997
Rule file 64B8-4.016 Endorsement Application Deadline (Repealed) 5/7/2012
Rule file 64B8-4.018 International Medical Graduates; Qualification Requirements (Repealed) 7/7/2014
Rule file 64B8-4.024 Restricted Licenses for Areas of Critical Need 12/9/2015
Rule file 64B8-4.025 Licensure Under Supervision 5/7/2018
Rule file 64B8-4.026 Restricted Licensure; Restrictions on Practice 7/1/1999
Rule file 64B8-4.027 Restricted License for Certain Experienced Foreign-Trained Physicians; Restriction on Practice 11/11/2015
Rule file 64B8-4.028 Temporary Certificate for Visiting Physician to Practice in Approved Cancer Center 1/31/2001
Rule file 64B8-4.029 Registration as a Dispensing Physician; Delegation of Dispensing to Prescribing Physician Assistants 12/7/2021