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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 64J-2.001 Definitions 6/9/2021
Rule file 64J-2.002 Prehospital Requirements for Trauma Care 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-2.003 Trauma Transport Protocols Approval and Denial Process 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-2.004 Adult Trauma Scorecard Methodology 11/5/2009
Rule file 64J-2.005 Pediatric Trauma Scorecard Methodology 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-2.006 Trauma Registry and Trauma Quality Improvement Program 9/3/2017
Rule file 64J-2.007 Trauma Agency Formation, Plan Approval and Denial Process 9/5/2016
Rule file 64J-2.008 Trauma Agency Plan Approval and Denial Process (Repealed) 9/5/2016
Rule file 64J-2.009 Trauma Agency Implementation and Operation Requirements 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.010 Apportionment of Trauma Centers Among the Trauma Service Areas (TSA) (Repealed) 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.011 Trauma Center Requirements 4/20/2010
Rule file 64J-2.012 Process for the Approval of Trauma Centers 4/20/2010
Rule file 64J-2.013 Extension of Application Period (Repealed) 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.014 Certificate of Approval 4/20/2010
Rule file 64J-2.015 Process for Renewal of Trauma Centers 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.016 Site Visits and Approval 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.017 Application by Hospital Denied Approval (Repealed) 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.018 Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNRO) Form and Patient Identification Device 10/1/2008
Rule file 64J-2.019 Funding for Verified Trauma Centers 3/4/2020
Rule file 64J-2.020 Acute Care Hospital Trauma Registry 1/1/2016