Rule Chapter: 67-53
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 67-53.003 Compliance Procedures (Repealed) 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.0035 Florida Housing Finance Corporation 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.004 Right to Inspect and Monitor Elderly Housing Community Loan (EHCL) Funded Developments 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.005 Compliance Monitoring for Housing Developed With SHIP Local Housing Distribution Funds (Repealed) 4/24/2008
Rule file 67-53.006 Compliance and Monitoring Procedures for the Pre-Development Loan Program (PLP) 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.007 Compliance Procedures (Repealed) 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.008 Compliance and Reporting Requirements for State Apartment Incentive Loan (SAIL) Program, HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Rental Program, Multifamily Mortgage Revenue Bond (MMRB) Program, Housing Credit (HC) Program, Rental Recovery Loan Program (RRLP), and Elderly Housing Community Loan Program (EHCL) 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.009 Compliance and Monitoring for Homeownership Assistance Program (HAP) and Homeownership Programs 8/20/2009
Rule file 67-53.010 Forms (Repealed) 8/20/2009