Rule Chapter: 67-60
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 67-60.001 Purpose and Intent 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.002 Definitions 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.003 Notice and Posting of Competitive Solicitations 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.004 Withdrawal of Competitive Solicitation or Application 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.005 Modification of Terms of Competitive Solicitations 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.006 Responsibility of Applicants 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.007 Evaluation of Applications 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.008 Right to Waive Minor Irregularities 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.009 Applicant Administrative Appeal Procedures 7/6/2022
Rule file 67-60.010 Funding Preferences 7/6/2022