Rule Chapter: 68A-25
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68A-25.001 Feeding or Enticement of Alligators or Crocodiles Unlawful 5/18/2006
Rule file 68A-25.002 General Provisions for Taking Possession and Sale of Reptiles 11/2/2020
Rule file 68A-25.003 Taking and Disposal of Nuisance-Alligators Statewide 4/5/2018
Rule file 68A-25.004 Regulations Governing the Operation of Alligator Farms 6/14/2018
Rule file 68A-25.006 Possession, Exhibition and Caging Venomous Reptiles: Prohibited Species (Repealed) 6/7/2007
Rule file 68A-25.031 Regulations Governing Alligator Egg and Hatchling Collections on Lands Not Included in Alligator Management Programs 6/14/2018
Rule file 68A-25.032 Regulations Governing the Establishment of Alligator Management Programs 6/11/2020
Rule file 68A-25.042 Regulations Governing Statewide Alligator Trapping, Permitting, Taking and Sale 2/1/2016
Rule file 68A-25.052 Regulations Governing the Processing of Alligators and the Sale of Alligator Meat and Parts 9/13/2020