Rule Chapter: 68B-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68B-2.001 General Definitions 10/12/2015
Rule file 68B-2.002 Return of Marine Organisms to Water; Permissible Temporary Possession 9/1/2013
Rule file 68B-2.003 License Required for Harvest or Possession of a Marine Organism 9/1/2013
Rule file 68B-2.004 Recreational and Commercial Harvest on the Same Trip 9/1/2013
Rule file 68B-2.006 Restricted Species Endorsement 12/28/2016
Rule file 68B-2.007 Prohibition of Possession, Transport, Purchase, or Sale of Illegally-Caught Marine Organisms 9/1/2013
Rule file 68B-2.008 Trap Placement 9/1/2013
Rule file 68B-2.009 Designation of License-Free Saltwater Fishing Days 1/7/2014
Rule file 68B-2.010 Tournament Permits 10/12/2015
Rule file 68B-2.011 Chumming 7/1/2019