Rule Chapter: 68B-42
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 68B-42.001 Purpose and Intent; Designation of Restricted Species; Definition of "Marine Life Species" 11/1/2012
Rule file 68B-42.002 Definitions 11/1/2012
Rule file 68B-42.003 Prohibition of Harvest: Longspine Urchin, Bahama Starfish 10/31/2011
Rule file 68B-42.0035 Live Landing and Live Well Requirements 10/31/2011
Rule file 68B-42.0036 Closed Areas 4/1/2019
Rule file 68B-42.004 Size Limits 11/1/2012
Rule file 68B-42.005 Recreational Bag Limit 11/1/2012
Rule file 68B-42.006 Commercial Season, Harvest Limits 6/11/2014
Rule file 68B-42.0065 Commercial Requirements; Endorsements; Requalifying; Appeals; Leasing; Transferability 10/31/2011
Rule file 68B-42.007 Gear Specifications and Prohibited Gear 10/31/2011
Rule file 68B-42.008 Live Rock: Harvest in State Waters Prohibited; Aquacultured Live Rock Harvest and Landing Allowed 10/31/2011
Rule file 68B-42.009 Prohibition on the Taking, Destruction, or Sale of Marine Corals Sea Fans, and Non-erect, Encrusting Octocorals; Exception 11/1/2012