Rule Chapter: 69A-62
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69A-62.0001 Definitions 12/12/2017
Rule file 69A-62.001 Uniform Minimum Firefighter Employment Standards; Adoption of OSHA Standards 2/6/2013
Rule file 69A-62.002 Uniform Minimum Firefighter Employment Standards; Adoption of National Fire Protection Association Standards 5/22/2011
Rule file 69A-62.003 Requirements Applicable to Fire Scenes 2/6/2013
Rule file 69A-62.004 Uniform Minimum Firefighter Employment Standards: Presence of Toxic Substances 6/7/2010
Rule file 69A-62.005 Exemption from 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1910.134(g)(4) (Repealed) 6/23/2011
Rule file 69A-62.006 Requirements for Recognition as a Fire Department (Repealed) 3/19/2013
Rule file 69A-62.007 Minimum Requirements for Class 9 Protection (Repealed) 3/19/2013
Rule file 69A-62.020 Definitions 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.021 Minimum Requirements for a Firefighter Employer Comprehensive Safety and Health Program 2/20/2023
Rule file 69A-62.022 Firefighter Employer Safety and Health Compliance Plan 5/22/2011
Rule file 69A-62.023 Criteria for Identifying Firefighter Employers with a High Frequency or Severity of Injuries 8/31/2010
Rule file 69A-62.024 Standards for Construction, Repair, and Maintenance of Firefighter Employee Places of Employment and the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Apparatus 5/26/2015
Rule file 69A-62.025 Employer Cancer Prevention Best Practices 11/26/2020
Rule file 69A-62.030 Definitions 12/12/2017
Rule file 69A-62.031 Right of Entry 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.032 Division Inspection or Investigation 6/30/2014
Rule file 69A-62.033 Recordkeeping Responsibilities of Firefighter Employers 2/20/2023
Rule file 69A-62.034 Notice of Violation 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.035 Safety Training 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.036 Procedures Relating to Penalties 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.040 Definitions 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.041 Scope 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.042 Firefighter Employer Requirements 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.043 Duties and Functions of the Safety Committee and Workplace Safety Coordinator 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.044 Firefighter Employer Evaluation by the Division 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.045 Penalties 9/6/2004
Rule file 69A-62.050 Official State Firefighter Memorial Flag 8/23/2010