Rule Chapter: 69B-215
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69B-215.050 Receipt of Risks 6/9/2020
Rule file 69B-215.060 Required Disclosure on Forms (Repealed) 1/4/2015
Rule file 69B-215.070 Exchange of Business: Property and Casualty Insurance 6/9/2020
Rule file 69B-215.080 Immigration Bonds 7/5/2010
Rule file 69B-215.210 Scope 12/24/1974
Rule file 69B-215.215 Twisting (Repealed) 1/4/2015
Rule file 69B-215.220 Rebating (Repealed) 1/4/2015
Rule file 69B-215.225 Defamation (Repealed) 1/4/2015
Rule file 69B-215.230 Misrepresentations (Repealed) 1/4/2015
Rule file 69B-215.235 Use of Designations 11/16/2011