Rule Chapter: 69V-160
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 69V-160.001 Licensee Defined 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.008 Insurance Companies and Agents 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.012 Deed or Other Conveyance as Collateral 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.013 Disbursement Record 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.014 Explaining and Returning Loan Papers 7/10/1996
Rule file 69V-160.015 Charges 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.016 Computations 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.017 Application of Payments 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.018 Deductions and Distributions 7/10/1996
Rule file 69V-160.019 Monthly Installments Defined 9/1/1975
Rule file 69V-160.020 Overcharges 5/12/1982
Rule file 69V-160.024 Names and Addresses of Corporate Officers (Repealed) 12/20/2007
Rule file 69V-160.025 Property Insurance on Loans 10/29/2012
Rule file 69V-160.027 Monthly Billing Statements as Receipts for Payment 4/2/1981
Rule file 69V-160.028 Form of Records Kept by Licensee 7/10/1996
Rule file 69V-160.029 Other Business Conducted by Licensee 7/10/1996
Rule file 69V-160.030 Application Procedure for Consumer Finance License 1/18/2021
Rule file 69V-160.031 Consumer Finance License Renewal and Reactivation 12/20/2007
Rule file 69V-160.032 Amendments, Change of Name, Change of Entity, and Change in Control or Ownership 12/20/2007
Rule file 69V-160.034 Failure to Demonstrate Financial Responsibility Defined 5/8/2013
Rule file 69V-160.035 Failure to Demonstrate Character or General Fitness Defined 10/1/1995
Rule file 69V-160.036 Electronic Filing of Forms and Fees 3/16/2011
Rule file 69V-160.111 Disciplinary Guidelines 3/20/1991