Rule Chapter: 6A-14
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 6A-14.002 Definitions 7/26/1984
Rule file 6A-14.0061 Campus, Center, Special Purpose Center and Instructional Site Designations 8/18/2004
Rule file 6A-14.00612 Designation of Restrooms and Changing Facilities in Postsecondary Institution Facilities 9/26/2023
Rule file 6A-14.024 Composition of Boards of Trustees (Repealed) 12/22/2019
Rule file 6A-14.026 Employment of a President 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.0261 General Powers of the President (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 6A-14.029 Staff and Program Development 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.030 Postsecondary Instructional Unit Definitions and Awards in Florida College System Institutions 6/20/2017
Rule file 6A-14.0301 Withdrawal and Forgiveness 6/23/2016
Rule file 6A-14.0302 Credit for Military Service (Repealed) 9/20/2022
Rule file 6A-14.0303 General Education Course Options 2/20/2024
Rule file 6A-14.0304 Online Courses 12/23/2014
Rule file 6A-14.0305 Out-of-State Fee Waiver for Veterans and Other Eligible Students 10/30/2016
Rule file 6A-14.0306 Death Benefits for Survivors of First Responders and Military Members 8/18/2020
Rule file 6A-14.031 Acceleration Mechanisms for Program Completion (Repealed) 10/25/2011
Rule file 6A-14.041 Personnel Contracts 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.0411 Employment Contracts for Full-Time Faculty 4/23/2013
Rule file 6A-14.0432 Military Leave (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 6A-14.047 Personnel Records 3/25/2013
Rule file 6A-14.0491 Instructional Personnel - Availability to Students (Repealed) 11/23/2021
Rule file 6A-14.054 Student Fees 6/23/2016
Rule file 6A-14.0541 Student Fee Refunds 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.0542 Tuition Waiver for Classroom Teachers 6/21/2011
Rule file 6A-14.057 Student Activities 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.0571 Religious Observance by Students (Repealed) 1/7/2016
Rule file 6A-14.058 Athletics (Repealed) 11/23/2021
Rule file 6A-14.0582 Florida College System Intercollegiate Student-Athletes 9/26/2023
Rule file 6A-14.060 Accountability Standards 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.063 Accreditation (Repealed) 8/2/2004
Rule file 6A-14.064 College Credit Dual Enrollment 11/23/2022
Rule file 6A-14.065 Meta-Major Academic Pathways 10/22/2013
Rule file 6A-14.0715 Transfer of Funds 4/30/1985
Rule file 6A-14.0716 Florida College System Institution Budgets 6/23/2016
Rule file 6A-14.0718 Prohibited Expenditures for Florida College System (FCS) Institutions 2/20/2024
Rule file 6A-14.072 Financial Records and Reports 6/20/2007
Rule file 6A-14.0734 Procurement Requirements 6/20/2007
Rule file 6A-14.075 Receipt, Deposit, and Withdrawal of Funds 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.076 FTE Calculation for the Community College Program Fund 9/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.07621 Performance-Based Incentive Program 8/20/2017
Rule file 6A-14.0764 Capital Outlay and Debt Service 6/27/1985
Rule file 6A-14.0765 Investment of Funds 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.077 Auxiliary Services and Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts 7/20/2004
Rule file 6A-14.0914 Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Program for Community Colleges 8/20/2007
Rule file 6A-14.092 Textbook and Course Material Affordability and Transparency 9/20/2022
Rule file 6A-14.095 Site Determined Baccalaureate Access 2/21/2023
Rule file 6A-14.097 Foreign Influence 9/26/2023
Rule file 6A-14.099 Failure of Florida College System Administrator or Law Enforcement Agency to Report Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect 3/5/2014