Rule Chapter: 9G-14
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 9G-14.002 Definitions (Transferred) 3/13/2006
Rule file 9G-14.003 Annual Registration Fee (Transferred) 2/26/1997
Rule file 9G-14.004 Filing Fee (Transferred) 2/26/1997
Rule file 9G-14.0045 Section 313 Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Fee (Transferred) 3/13/2006
Rule file 9G-14.005 Late Fees (Transferred) 12/20/1998
Rule file 9G-14.006 Approved Forms (Transferred) 3/13/2006
Rule file 9G-14.007 Refunds (Transferred) 1/3/2001
Rule file 9G-14.008 Filings; Amended Filings; Electronic Transmission (Transferred) 1/3/2001
Rule file 9G-14.009 Notification of Change in Owner/Operator Status (Transferred) 6/1/1995
Rule file 9G-14.010 EPCRA Public Information Requests; Inspection and Copies (Transferred) 3/13/2006
Rule file 9G-14.011 Hazardous Substance and Extremely Hazardous Substance Release Reporting (Transferred) 1/3/2001