Rule Chapter: 5E-13
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5E-13.021 Definitions 8/9/2006
Rule file 5E-13.022 Eligibility for State Approved Program and/or Aid 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.023 Source Reduction Prerequisites (Repealed) 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.027 Certified Budgets, Filing 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.030 State Aid Basis and Availability 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.031 District or County Use of Funds 3/13/2016
Rule file 5E-13.032 Program Directors, Employment and Classification 9/18/2014
Rule file 5E-13.0331 Use of Pesticides for Arthropod Control, Labels, Limitations, Precautions and Storage 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.034 Penalty for Failure to Comply with Public Law 92-516, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Their Rules 8/9/2006
Rule file 5E-13.035 Intent (Repealed) 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.036 Demonstrable Increase or Other Indicator of Arthropod Population Level 8/9/2006
Rule file 5E-13.037 Aircraft Application for the Control of Adult Arthropods 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.0371 Mosquito Control Aircraft Registration, Inspection, Security, Storage, Transactions, Recordkeeping, Area-of-Application Information and Forms 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.039 Protection of Natural Resources and of the Health, Safety, and Welfare of Arthropod Control Employees and the General Public 8/9/2006
Rule file 5E-13.040 Criteria for Licensure or Certification of Applicators 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.041 Authorization for the Department to Promulgate Rules and Regulations More Stringent Than EPA (Repealed) 5/21/2014
Rule file 5E-13.042 Criteria for Arthropod Control That May Affect Environmentally Sensitive and Biologically Productive Public Lands and Other Public Lands 8/9/2006