FAR Issue Vol. 39/No. 64 Section VII  
Issue Date: April 2, 2013
Total number of notices in Section VII:    3

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Agency 58A
Douglas D. Adkins, Executive Director, Dayspring Village, Inc.
  The Department of Elder Affairs has denied Petitioner's request for Declaratory Statement, as Petitioner has failed to articulate ....
12828364 4/2/2013
Vol. 39/64
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Agency 61B
Carl J. Forrest, In Re: Briny Breezes, Inc., Docket No. 2013013568, filed on March ....
  Whether the board of Briny Breezes, Inc., a cooperative, may use its reserve funds to repair a seawall to prevent flooding, under ....
12824678 4/2/2013
Vol. 39/64
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Jeremy Earl.
  Whether his license as a marine contractor is sufficient to apply for the permit and be the primary contractor on a Florida Department ....
12826618 4/2/2013
Vol. 39/64