Notice: 24192496
Notice of Proposed Rule
Division: Division of Arts and Culture



1T-1.001   Division of Arts and Culture
1T-1.036   Arts and Cultural Grants
1T-1.039   Cultural Facilities Program
1T-1.040   Fast Track Grants
1T-1.042   Division Initiatives Partnership Program
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 265.605, 265.701(5), 265.284(3)(j), 265.286(1), 265.286(11) F.S.
LAW: 265.284, 265.286, 286.011, 286.012, 265.601-603, 265.605-606, 265.701 F.S.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 2/18/2021   Vol. 47/33
COMMENTS: From 2/18/2021 To 3/11/2021 (21 Days)
The public comment period for this notice has already expired.
REFERENCE MATERIALS: Ref-08124 Form CA2E037 Cultural Endowment Application 2017
Ref-08132 NEA Section 504 Self Evaluation Workbook
Ref-08133 National Endowment for Arts General Terms & Conditions
Ref-09446 Form CA2E142 - Grant Award Agreement
Ref-09877 Form CA2E122 - Division Initiatives Partnership Grant Award Agreement
Ref-09881 20 U.S. Code Sec. 954
Ref-09882 2 CFR Part 200
Ref-10497 Form CA2E121 - Partnership Program Application
Ref-11842 Cultural Endowment Guidelines
Ref-11843 Cultural Endowment Agreement CA2E039
Ref-11846 General Program Support Program Grant Guidelines
Ref-11847 Specific Cultural Grant Guidelines
Ref-11848 General Program Support and Specific Cultural Projects Program Application
Ref-11849 Final Report Form (Form CA2E004)
Ref-11850 Scoring Rubric for GSP and SCP Applications
Ref-11851 Florida Department of Financial Service Reference Guide for State Expenditures
Ref-11852 Cultural Facilities Guidelines
Ref-11853 Cultural Facilities Program Application (Form CA2E147)
Ref-11854 Cultural Facilities Program Report Form (Form CA2E048)
Ref-11855 Grant Award Agreement (Form CA2E038)
Ref-11856 Fast Track Grant Guidelines
Ref-11857 Fast Track Grants Program Application (Form CA2E157)
Ref-11858 Final Report Form (Form CA2E004)
Ref-11859 Grant Award Agreement (Form CA2E163
Ref-11860 Rubric for Fast Track Grants Applications
Ref-11861 NEA for the Arts Division Initiative Partnership Program Guidelines
Ref-11862 NEA DCA Initiatives Partnership Program Final Report
Ref-11863 Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Strategic Plan (2020-2025)
Ref-12755 CE Agreement CA2E039
Ref-12758 Cultural Endowments Annual Report Form CA2E100
Ref-12759 General Program Support Cultural Grant Guidelines
Ref-12760 Specific Cultural Grant Guidelines
Ref-12761 General Program Support and Specific Cultural Program Application Form CA2E145
Ref-12762 Final Report Form Form CA2E004
Ref-12763 Grant Award Agreement Form CA2E142
Ref-12764 Scoring Rubric General Program Support and Specific Cultural Applications
Ref-12765 Grant Guidelines for Cultural Facilities
Ref-12766 Cultural Facilities Program Application Form CA2E147
Ref-12767 Cultural Facilities Program Report Form Form CA2E048
Ref-12768 Grant Award Agreement Form CA2E038
Ref-12769 Fast Track Grant Guidelines
Ref-12770 Fast Track Grants Program Application Form CA2E157